All of the instructors and the administrative department at the school are currently working in the industry and can provide students with real-world insight and direction.  With close to 35 years of combined staff experience, Mixology Masters believes the students will gain an advantage over other schools offering similar programs.

Owner, Michele Sandt,  started off like most, in college and not knowing what path to take while trying to make money. She decided to take a class at a local bartending school and so it began, bartending ended up not just being a job but a career. For the past 21 years, she worked in the restaurant industry in many facets from front of house bartender, server to bar manager and back of house prep, expeditor and dishwasher in many local fine dining restaurants, sport bars, private clubs, night clubs and pubs.

Along with still bartending today, she also owns a catering company and landscaping business.  Along with being T.I.P.S, RAMP and Servsafe certified, she is a member of USBG, United States Bartenders’ Guild.  After teaching at another bartending school for the past 4 years, it has been Michele's dream to open her own school….and here it is!  She looks forward to working with every one of you, teaching you her passion of mixology and creating new craft cocktails. It will be the schools mission to help you get the best bartending job out there or have you personally work with her in achieving what you set out for by taking this course.

​  ​About Mixology Masters

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 Our Staff

Mixology Masters  was created out of a necessity for highly trained and skilled craft bartenders to meet the demand of the restaurant and bar industry. 

Our 3 week program is designed for people of all levels to learn the necessary skills needed and help qualify them for better bartending careers. The practical portion teaches many unique hands-on techniques that will help students advance at their own pace. The programs goal is designed to give the student not only a Diploma of Completion but the confidence and qualifications to land the best job they set out for. 

With the experience our instructors have, we are aware that drink names and recipes may vary from bar to bar and as such our responsibility is to teach the students how drinks are made, methods to learning new recipes and techniques to understand this art. Knowledge of bar tools/equipment, pouring accurately in legal measures, classic cocktail recipes, glassware, bar set-up, cleaning procedures, customer service and drink handling is some of our major focus. Along with this we delve into product knowledge of spirits, wine and beer that students will come across in the restaurant/bar industry.

Our school cannot stress enough the biological element of the job. We will focus on the importance of how alcohol is processed by the body, Blood Alcohol Concentration, factors that affect the alcohol absorption, recognizing overindulgence and responsible drinking.